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Charities That We Support

Charities That We Support

glad house


Glad’s House is a charity based in Kenya and is also the principal charity which I Am supports. Currently, there are a few government officials addressing the very real needs of Kenya’s street children, and certainly not enough money to go around. Glad’s House is trying to help.

It began in 2006 after their Development Director, Vicky, spent part of her gap year in Mombasa volunteering with Street Children. She came back to London and vowed to carry on working with them and subsequently established a centre for street children which was launched in June 2006.

Even a small donation to Glad’s House can have a HUGE impact. For example, £400 goes a long way, and:

  • Supports one young person leaving the streets in their Boxing Programme for 4 and half months
  • Runs their Drop-in Programme for children and young people living on the streets for 3 weeks
  • Pays for a football coach to work on the streets and in the prisons with 700 children and young people for 3 months
  • Supports one child from the streets who cannot return home to live in a Foster Care placement for a whole year
  • Buys care packs for 133 children and young people in prison
  • Pays for a set of text books from class 1 – 8 for their library for 800 children and young people living in the community who cannot study at home/cannot afford to go school
  • Supports 8 young people (boys and girls) out of their transitional homes and into independent living and into education, employment and/or training

Glad’s House celebrated 10 years in 2016. To find out more, please visit their website. You can also click on the below pdfs, for more details on where the money goes, and ideas for how to raise money for them:

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