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CV and Cover Letter Tips



This is a summary of the top tips for CV and cover letters that was tweeted out last week. If you didn’t get a chance to see them already, read through and see if it can help you!

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#CVTips #advice A is for Attention to detail: Check your cv thoroughly before submitting it; any mistakes will lead to the ‘no’ pile. 

#CVTips #advice A is for Apostrophes: Ten years’ experience, one month’s target, etc. Correct apostrophe usage is a dying art – so use it! 

#CVTips #advice B is for Brevity: Keep it short and sweet. Two sides maximum. 

#CVTips #advice C is for Cohesion: Check your cv tells a story, and explains your career to date. 

#CVTips #advice C is for Clarity: Ensure that your cv reads well, is jargon free, and comprehensible to recruiters. 

#CVTips #advice D is for Detail: Don’t assume employers will read into your cv. If it’s important, include the detail…

#CVTips #advice E is for Evidence: Can you back up your claims? Evidence is crucial on a cv. 

#CVTips #advice E is for Education: Don’t overdo the detail, such as listing GCSE subjects by grade, or writing about dissertations. 

#CVTips #advice F is for Font: Think carefully which font you pick and avoid ‘old fashioned’ fonts such as Times New Roman. 

#CVTips #advice F is for First Impressions: They really do count! Ensure you have no grammatical or spelling errors & that the cv looks good

#CVTips #advice G is for Grammar: Remember the basics! Hyphens, apostrophes and getting the tenses right are all essential. 

#CVTips #advice H is for Hobbies: Do they add something to your cv? If not, leave them out and use the space for something relevant 

#CVTips #advice I s for I, I, I: Whilst your cv is all about you, don’t start every sentence with ‘I…’. Be creative, it’s more impressive!

#CVTips #advice J is for Jumping to conclusions: Account for gaps in your CV (study, travel, etc.) or employers might jump to conclusions…

#CVTips #advice K is for Knowledge: Employers ultimately look for your knowledge, so if it’s not on your cv, how will you get an interview?

#CVTips #advice L is for Layout: Stick to 2 sides: Personal Profile, Key Skills/achievements, Work History, Education & Training, Hobbies

#CVTips #advice H is for Honesty: Never lie on a CV; you will get caught out either at interview or later on. Remember the CEO of Yahoo?

#CVTips #advice T is for Training: Employers look for relevant training, not a certificate in aromatherapy. Not relevant? Leave it out

#CVTips #advice P is for Pruning: Trim the excess fat from the CV, leaving something lean, mean, fit and healthy!

#CVTips #advice P is for Profile: Simply put, who you are, what you can do & what you want to do. Tailor this for each position.

#CVTips #advice P is for Personal Details: I’m not interested in your wife Barbara, or your husband Tom! Leave out all but your name & contact no.

 #CVTips #advice S is for Skills-based CV: Transferring to a different sector? This type of CV helps demonstrate how transferable your skills are

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