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How I got the best job in the world…

How I got the best job in the world…

By Guest Blogger, Jo Birch-Phaure, Senior Communications & New Business Officer, UK Youth
Jo Birch-Phaure 

In my first job post university, I got involved in their youth and student wing and ended up being the President!  I fell in love with helping young people having their voices heard and when I returned from a stint travelling, was convinced now was the time to make sure my job aligned with my passions.  I, therefore, started at UK Youth around 6 years ago in a fairly mundane admin role as PA to the Chief Executive.  Three solid years of growing that role to include all our major events and some project management and my opportunity to move into communications finally came up about two and a half years ago.

Today my title is Senior Communications and New Business Officer, which isn’t the grandest but it hides what is an absolutely fantastic role.  Essentially the vast majority of my day is spent on Facebook and other social networking sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn.  A recent Facebook application experiment informed me that I spend more time on Facebook than nearly 97% of users!  When I am not entertaining myself online (and of course promoting all the good work that the charity does and bringing us to the lofty heights of nearly 10,000 followers on Twitter) I also organise some high profile events and look after the charity’s brand which is simple and a joy to do!

My one piece of advice would be…

Look for an organisation that needs to improve their communications or where you think you can add value and offer to start adding value and when using social media – when sharing ..try & make it interesting for the listener!

UK Youth* does exactly what it says on the tin – we are a youth development charity providing non-formal learning opportunities for young people all over the UK.  Looking after the brand means essentially that I get consulted on the vast majority of what we do and looking after the website ensures I know the full range of our activities.  I have to say it is turning me into a bit of a tech geek and I am currently making sure that our stand alone sub-sites are all fully brand compliant: no easy task I can assure you, but increasing the street recognition for a charity that does such amazing work is absolutely no hardship!

If you’re interested in finding out more about UK Youth, visit www.ukyouth.org.

*UK Youth is a leading national youth development charity supporting over three quarters of a million young people. We do this by developing, promoting and delivering a range of innovative education programmes in partnership with a national network of member organisations. Our aim is to enable young people all over the UK to raise their aspirations, realise their potential and have their achievements recognised.

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