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Why our temps receive the London Living Wage

By Sara Kalkan, Business Development Manager, I am recruiting

The real Living Wage is the only UK wage rate that is voluntarily paid by over 5,000 UK businesses who believe their staff deserve a fair day’s pay for a hard day’s work. Here at I am recruiting, we pay the real Living Wage which is higher than the government minimum.

Being a Living Wage Employer is something we take seriously. And it’s not just reserved for our permanent office-based staff, all our temporary staff working externally in client offices are also paid the Living Wage.

Unfortunately, sometimes this means we aren’t the cheapest option. Whilst your minimum wage temp is paid £8.21 an hour with the government’s National Living Wage, the Living Wage Foundation suggests £9.00 across the UK which rises to £10.55 as the rate a person needs to earn to able to afford to live above the poverty line in London. We go one step further for our candidates – we’re over £1 more expensive. And we don’t see a penny of that increase ourselves. It’s a big risk for us to take but it’s one we’ve always been fully committed to.

We feel a big part of the sector in which we serve. Our candidates grow their careers with us. We place them in great jobs. They perform amazingly in these roles and win memcom awards and promotions. Placed candidates then think of us when they’re looking to book their own temps and recruit their own staff. Eventually they want to move on, and we don’t just spend 30 minutes finding out about them before representing them, we already know them.

For us temporary staff should be no different then permanent staff. They are not disposable. They are part of our sector and part of the I am recrutiing family. We want to pay them a sustainable wage and ensure they feel important and respected.

We want our temps to be able to live in London and not have to worry about whether they can afford lunch that day. We don’t expect temporary staff to live within tube distance but it’s very helpful when they do and can reach a client at short notice or start early or work late, things permanent staff aren’t always able to do. That’s why the London Living Wage is of particular importance to us.

Many of our temporary staff go on to become permanent members of staff in the organisations we placed them in. This would be less likely if they were unable to relax into a longer term than planned assignment. Knowing they don’t have to make a panic move to a higher paid job allows time for our clients to really see their potential.

It’s not just about signing up to an ethical way of working, it’s about making temporary work a realistic option which gives both our temps and our clients a greater sense of stability. Our reputation is everything and that means we value sustainability above short term gain.

Maybe sometimes that means we lose out on temporary bookings but we’re lucky our clients are ethical organisations who support our London Living Wage stance for the same reasons we do.

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