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Why try before you buy?

Temporary staff are often the unsung heroes of an organisation, and that’s why we’ve decided to put them centre stage in a couple of blogs highlighting the benefits that good temps can bring to your organisation. If you have had bad experiences with temporary staff in the past, and it’s put you off recruiting them, we’re hoping this article could give you some food for thought…


Despite their benefits being noted time and time again, many employers still shy away from using temporary workers. And yet in our experience, temporary workers are often more engaged than permanent employees, since they will see a temporary assignment as a way to get more experience or to secure a permanent position – and as a result, are hugely dedicated to the tasks in hand.


Whether you’re scaling up on resources to cover absence in the team or bring in extra support for a special project, short-term hires can help your organisation in all sorts of ways. It’s crucial for organisations to have strategies and a talent pipeline in place to help manage the natural fluctuations in any workforce. Temps provide flexibility in an unstable economy, controlling your costs with no long-term commitment. And a boost of manpower can also boost morale by being a source of help in your busiest periods.


But these traditional reasons are often thought of as a reactive tactic to business demands. Here at I am recruiting, we encourage our clients to also consider their temporary workforce proactively.


And what do we mean by proactively? Temporary workers can provide skills and talent outside of your current team’s area of expertise, completing work your existing staff may not be qualified to do. They can offer a fresh perspective and bring previously unthought of ideas to the table. And most crucially, they can often lead to meaningful hires. If you’ve got a temp working for you on a project, you have time to evaluate if they might fit within your team as a permanent employee and, in turn, they can make an informed choice about whether a role in your team is right for them. It’s an incredibly useful ‘try before you buy’ approach from all perspectives!


Here at I am recruiting, we spent this year’s summer months championing our temps. We’re proud of the work our temporary staff do to help the membership sector reach its aims and objectives and we asked all our employers if they would like to enter a temp (or temp to perm) we’d recently placed for the I am recruiting temp of the year award. Both our winner and runner-up are fine examples of the success of the ‘try before you buy’ approach. And here’s why…


Case study: Luz Martinez, Office and Events Administrator, Royal Statistical Society

Runner up of “I am recruiting Temp of the Year 2018”


Thank you to Nicola Emmerson, Director of Membership and Professional Affairs, for Luz’s nomination:

“I’m delighted that Luz is being recognised in this way.  She arrived with us very quickly, replacing another temp at the very last minute.  She had very little idea about the organisation or what was required from her, but she did not let that phase her.  From her very first day, Luz demonstrated her amazing ability to remain cool, calm and above all, cheerful – even in the most trying circumstances.  We were looking for a temp to perm into the role and it became apparent very quickly that Luz was the perfect candidate for us and was appointed to a full time, permanent position within a matter of weeks.  She soon had the role under control and proved her value as a team player very quickly. Obviously, she had to learn the requirements of the job, but one of Luz’s attributes is being able to see what needs to be done without being asked: within a matter of weeks we wondered how we had ever managed without her.

Since her original appointment at the beginning of 2018, Luz has had an internal promotion and is now in a full time, permanent events coordinating role.  She is also covering her former role whilst we are in the process of recruiting for a new receptionist – so we consider ourselves extremely fortunate that she is so enthusiastic and willing to support her team.

The RSS relationship with I am recruiting is long established and we have many colleagues who have joined via this route!  The great thing about I am recruiting is that they understand our organisational culture and instinctively know the kinds of candidate we are looking for.  In addition, they were super-reactive when we needed someone at very short notice – and this is how we found Luz.  Thank goodness!”


Case study: Lucas Bento Morais, Professional Development Administrator, Royal College of Occupational Therapists

Winner of “I am recruiting Temp of the Year 2018”


Dr Stephanie Tempest, Professional Development Manager, writes:

“Lucas started within the Professional Development Team at a time when we were reconfiguring the roles. We needed temporary administration support while we reviewed and developed what subsequently became a new, full-time post.  So in many ways Lucas, as a temporary member of staff, bought us the time we needed to proactively plan the structure of my new team.  But he brought so much more than that, which is why he richly deserves his nomination for Temp of the Year 2018.

In his temporary role, Lucas took on discreet projects and delivered above and beyond my expectations.  His fresh eyes and creative talent – coupled with his work ethic and high standards – were an immediate benefit to the team. On a personal level, I became to value very quickly the ideas he would bring to our work, alongside his ability to think broadly and ask the right questions.

I think we both adopted the ‘try before you buy’ approach which meant that, when the new post was advertised, Lucas was able to make a decision about whether he proceeded with an application.  In a fair and open recruitment process, Lucas was successful in securing the job.  The induction process was expedited by his prior knowledge and experience and Lucas has definitely hit the ground running.

It’s only been two months since Lucas joined my team on a permanent basis but it feels like he is already an established and very effective member of the team.  He makes a significant and exceptional contribution to the work we are doing and I’m excited about what our team can do in the future too.”


Good recruitment agencies will have a pool of temp workers ready to spring into action. Here at I am recruiting we have just this and we do all the hard work for you. Please do get in touch if you’ve realised you need a Luz or a Lucas in your team – but remember, other names are available!



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