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Our Story

Our Story

We started as friends and colleagues, frustrated by the absence of learning and networking opportunities, by the attitude of many recruiters towards candidates and by the lack of information on really worthwhile and important campaigns, and we thought “we should do something about this!”.

Combining our backgrounds in recruitment, event organisation, marketing and business development, together with our talents in bringing people together and our love of charities and ethical business, we created the I Am Group.

Since setting up in 2012, we are have grown to be a wonderful team of 8, who are all passionate about social change and connecting people. We have worked with thousands of candidates and hundreds of recruiters and through our events, we have built a strong networking community of 5,000 people, supported by our wonderful volunteer facilitators who help support our community.

We love what we do, and we hope that you will too!



What Makes Us Different?

Quite simply, our people are the most important asset to us and what sets us apart from other more traditional recruiters – and that’s everyone we deal with, from our team, to our candidates, clients and volunteers. Some of the initiatives that we support include:

  • Staff volunteering
  • London Living Wage
  • Small Charity Week and Trustees’ Week by running free trustee recruitment events
  • Running regular events for professionals in the sector, ranging from networking to career development, to learning events
  • Actively supporting our Charity of the Year – Glad’s House – through a range of fundraising and promotional activities. Learn more about how Glad’s House support street children in Kenya and how you can get involved https://www.gladshouse.com/.



Our Promise to You

We promise

  • that our clients and our candidates will always receive an honest and transparent service
  • that we will fairly represent both candidates and clients in any salary negotiations, and work for a fair outcome for both parties
  • to ensure that clients have the best pick of candidates, and that candidates are notified of all possible opportunities, rather than ‘ear-marking’ candidates for difficult-to-fill roles
  • to meet all of our candidates (unless there’s a jolly good reason not to!).
  • to try to insist on meeting all of our clients – business should always be done face-to-face; it’s how we develop stronger relationships
  • to continue to offer a valuable service and product which is fairly priced, and well received
  • to try our best to raise the standards of the recruitment industry, and always lead by example, in terms of professionalism, integrity, intelligence of approach and openness
  • we will not work with clients whom we deem to be unethical, such as organisations promoting poor welfare towards animals, or discrimination against minorities, or be party to irresponsible recruitment
  • we will not try to persuade a candidate to take a job which is not right for them, and nor will we push the wrong candidate onto a client
  • we’re in it for the long term
  • to campaign for better wages for those in temporary or low-paid roles as supporters of the London Living Wage
  • we’ll be just the same, whether or not you are meeting us as a candidate or a potential client.