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memcom 2019 awards

Now that entry for the 2019 awards are open, Julian Smith, Director of I am recruiting, takes a look at the difference winning a memcom membership excellence award has made to some of last year’s winners, and the people and organisations who nominated them…

The deadline for entering the 2019 memcom excellence awards is 31st January. The Christmas Early Bird Offer of £100 entry closes on December 21st (£125 thereafter). The awards are open to professional bodies, trade associations, membership charities and other not-for-profit membership organisations.

With one simple question per award entry this year, and memcom’s fantastic user-experience team having been hard at work since June ensuring a streamlined entry process, the memcom membership excellence awards are quicker to enter than ever before.

Christmas is just around the corner and with it comes the Christmas Early Bird price deadline. With this in mind, I wanted to try to convince you to spend the 20 minutes it takes to enter one of this year’s awards. The best thing I could think of doing was to go back to some of the winners of memcom 2018 and find out what a difference winning a memcom award has made to them personally.

My research has uncovered several interesting effects of the awards, some of which I hadn’t entirely appreciated before, as the below will hopefully demonstrate…


The morale boost from winning an award lasts longer than you may think…

Perhaps the most recurrent feedback I got from those nominated or shortlisted as well as those who won was that they had no idea that people were really noticing what they did on a day-to-day basis. “Being shortlisted came completely out of the blue” said one trophy winner. “It felt amazing that my manager appreciated my efforts so much to take the time to vouch for me!”.

I asked this particular nominee if just knowing that he had been nominated had made a difference to his work since then, and he replied: “Absolutely, winning the award has kept me focussed on what’s great about my organisation and more determined than ever to make things happen!”. And as Jackie Scully, Deputy Managing Director, Think Publishing articulately put: “ All that creativity, all that risk taking, makes it worthwhile when you have a trophy in your hands!”

One of the category winners shared with me that winning an award felt like a personal validation, helping him to recognise what he can achieve. He takes that new sense of self-belief with him into meetings and feels that his voice is listened to much more following his win. “It feels like my peers see me in a new light”. The confidence gained in winning his award has clearly contributed to his performance at work, and if anything, has built on his sense of gravitas. This young man has always had something special about him, but he now knows this about himself and has a new-found sense of self-worth. His confidence is over-flowing, and the result? Better performance in the work place, and a happier, more productive member of staff.


As a manager, nominating a colleague brings YOU benefits…

If your team picks up awards, then some of this rubs off on you. A common thread in many of the conversations I’ve had was how the joint sense of achievement can bring a team closer together and increase productivity. It might even increase your profile as a manager; after all, if you take time to nominate your team, it means you really value them and the work they do for you – and these are attractive qualities in any potential line manager.

It’s also worth noting here that there are plenty of opportunities at the memcom awards event to meet like-minded people providing plenty of networking potential so make sure you come along too should your nominee(s) be shortlisted! memcom is known for the seniority of its delegates after all.

Being shortlisted for an award also validates your hiring stature among potential recruits. By pitching yourself as the best you can attract the talent you need to push your organisation forward. One manager also told me how increased employee morale really helped her to attract and retain new recruits.


Which leads me nicely on to… your organisation will benefit too

Recognition of your achievements doesn’t end once the champagne corks have popped.  You can use your win as part of your PR pitch to members, audiences and stakeholders all year round. One winner remarked, “It was the perfect reason to get in touch with our audience and the fantastic news was picked up on our social channels by many proud supporters and members!” You will have earned a badge of quality and credibility – and winners wear that badge with pride!

But don’t just take it from me…


“Winning the Most Innovative Use of a Website award has raised the profile of the Business Continuity Institute amongst other membership organisations and demonstrated our commitment to delivering a personalised user experience….” Natalie Turner, Marketing Manager, Business Continuity Institute


“The whole team was buzzing today and it has given a massive morale boost to all RSS staff who have a justified sense of pride in the organisation. It’s fantastic to be recognised in this way and we are all extremely grateful to you all for making it happen.” Nicola Emmerson, Director of Membership and Professional Affairs, Royal Statistical Society


“We are thrilled to have won Best magazine launch/relaunch. This was our first ever entry into the memcom awards and to win such an accolade means a lot to the team and also our members, demonstrating the impact of their professional institute and the continued value from print publications. We are a small team at the IoIC and to have such an achievement is truly wonderful!” Jennifer Sproul, Chief Executive, Institute of Internal Communication


The 2019 memcom membership excellence awards – created to empower the leaders of today and the aspiring leaders of tomorrow. Don’t delay, take a look at the awards now… www.memcom.org.uk/awards 

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