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10 Creative Ways to Host a Fundraiser Event, By Sarah Hill

Fundraisers are types of events which are used not only to raise money for a particular cause, but also to increase visibility and support for that organisation.  Also known as “special events”, there are many different ways that these can take place, from walks and runs to dinners and concerts.  The tough thing is, there are so many causes to raise money for, that often people are reluctant to commit to donating to one thing.  In Spring for example, most of us find that our Facebook newsfeed is filled with a lot of our friends taking part in various activities to fundraise for a charity that often it’s tough to know which one to pick!


  1. Bring people together and create a team goal

Creating a group goal or aim brings energy and excitement to a large number of people offering a shared sense of achievement and encourages everyone to take part.  Positive vibes are catching, and the greater the numbers involved in the fundraising event or activity, usually means that more people hear about it and are willing to donate money or even take part themselves.  The Guinness World Records are famous for inspiring goals and helping to amplify awareness campaigns.


  1. Sponsoring someone for something they REALLY don’t want to do

We’ve all seen the emails go around or have maybe even sent them, asking those to donate to a great cause in return for taking part in an activity, that is usually going to take some hard work and dedication.   Tying this in to a corporate event is a great way to raise a lot of money as its unexpected and offers a twist on the day as the entire event has been focussed on other things.  Something we ran at one of our corporate away days recently was a surprise bungee jump, by one of the directors, however in order for the bungee to go ahead, a certain amount of money needed to be raised and delegates were very willing to donate to this cause!


  1. Community events – Make it fun!

Rather than focussing on raising money, why not get a group of people together to take part in a community event, promoting social responsibility.  This is a great way to get stuck in to the heart of a charity or cause, and help out in a more hands-on way.  Not only that, but it can be fun too!


  1. Company Charity

Often big companies have nominated charities throughout the year that they would like to help.  A great way to get all employees involved, is from the very beginning in the choice of the charity for that year.  Why not include everyone by offering a vote, which increases awareness of what you are trying to do, from before the events have even started. Employees will feel listened to and therefore are more likely to get involved.


  1. Auction of promises

Rather than auctioning items that will have cost money in the first place, an alternative method is an Auction of Promises, where participants offer up their time to do something for the winning bid; it could be something as simple as cooking them dinner or washing their car.


  1. Charity morning rave

To switch up from an evening seated dinner, why not host a morning rave; a full-on dance party before work!  Where attendees might usually spend their evening attending your event, this way they are up at the crack of dawn ready to dance – even better for those early morning gym goers as this is definitely another way to get the heart rate rising!


  1. Create an online event

To help reach those in all corners of the earth, online fundraising events can carry the message over the globe.  With the help of social media, these platforms can promote the cause taking people directly to the event page, making it very easy to increase visibility.  The Help Refugees website does this extremely well.


  1. Become a brand

Livestrong bands, Choose Life and Choose Love t-shirts, Band aid records are all excellent example of this, creating a fashion brand out of great cause.  At one stage, everyone had a Livestrong band, created by Lance Armstrong’s non-profit organisation just because it was a “cool” thing to wear but in actual fact the funds went straight to helping support those affected by cancer.


  1. Company Tournament

Why not offer a company tournament where teams pay to enter? This could go on throughout the entire year, with progress being reported on and encouraging mass participation.  Those who don’t want to take part can buy tickets to attend events and even bet on who might be the winner.


  1. Town treasure hunt

Hiding clues around your town or city is a great way to get that mass community vibe going.  Allow groups to register as a team and create a competition with cryptic clues to take them from place to place and charge a fee for entering.  Using the landmarks and history already there, means this is a cost-free activity, but a lot of fun too!


Overall, the special events industry is a saturated market, and it’s tough to come up with something new and different to draw in the support.  These 10 creative ideas should help to ensure that your fundraising event gets more kudos, increasing success.


About the Author

Sarah Hill has been a professional content write for over 5 years. She has written extensively about event planning & conference management for Group 7 Events Ltd, a well-known events production and theming agency in London. Sarah has contributed to many reputed event & meeting blogs like Etouches, Boomset, meetingsnet, Bizzabo and many more. She is travel crazy, lover of wine and the queen of baking.


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