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5 Biggest Hiring Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Author Bio: Daniel Ross is part of the marketing team at Roubler — a cloud based HR and payroll software platform founded in Australia. Their mission is to change the way the world manages its workforces. Daniel Ross kindly guest-blogs for I am recruiting below…


The success of a company depends on its employees. Every employee has their own role and responsibility that contributes towards the achievement of goals within an organisation.


Your employees will be your best assets. But when you make a mistake in hiring them in the first place, they become your liabilities. Consecutive resignation, unexpected firing and a lot more quitting – these scenarios would truly make your company shaky.


Therefore, you have to make sure that you are choosing the right people for the right reasons. Here are five big mistakes you need to avoid, in my opinion, when hiring new employees:


1. Hiring Without Assessing Your Company’s Status

Most unsuccessful companies in any industry have a common mindset: they can easily hire new people because they can offer a reasonable wage. But there’s more than just salary offers. When you are getting a huge amount of resignations in a single month, you have to be alarmed.

Try assessing what’s wrong in your company. Why did your trusted employees leave? Is there something wrong with the management? Are your employees not getting fair compensation, or perhaps, the appropriate benefits? Are you not giving them the right amount of appreciation?

Even if you hire the right person, if your company is still going down the wrong path, things will never work out the way you want them to.


2. Hiring Without Having a Definite Job Description

When you look for a new member in your organisation, you should definitely know what particular people you are looking for. In doing so, you must have a clear job description to ensure that the tasks will be distributed evenly and no one or nothing will be taken for granted.

Imagine interviewing an applicant without carefully checking out if their skills, experience and capabilities would fill in the company’s gap. You are just wasting your time. Worst is when new employees end up feeling unimportant and useless because they do not have a definite task.

This would lead to a boring work life. They would feel uninspired and will probably not grow mentally and socially. They could feel insecure because they might think that they are not contributing anything to the company.  


3. Hiring Based Purely on CV and Interview

Applicants make cover letters to make a good impression. To increase the chances of being hired by a prestigious company, they showcase their best attributes in their CVs. If lucky enough to be called in for an interview, they thoroughly prepare for it and give it their best shot.

For employers, you should bear in mind that being comfortable with the applicant upon meeting them for the first time doesn’t mean that they are the best fit for the job. Sometimes, you cannot rely solely on your gut. It is always safer to screen an applicant based on more objective aspects rather than being subjective about it by giving him an exam or a trial activity. Remember that the evaluation must be done carefully so that you will not regret the results in the end.


4. Hiring Without Due Diligence

Interviewing an applicant once then hiring them that same afternoon could be a totally wrong move. When you rush things too much, you could end up hiring the wrong person.

Give time to get to know each applicant very well. Even if you are desperate and would need someone to do the job immediately, you cannot sacrifice the company’s success and reputation by randomly hiring someone who has not proven his skills yet.

Don’t let the pressure of filling a vacancy force you to make a premature decision. It is always best to hire slowly but carefully. All great things take time.


5. Hiring Just Because of Image

This may well not apply to your organisation but it is truly undeniable that some companies would hire out of a projected image. They want to portray a certain “look” in the office and to clients and stakeholders. Yes, the candidate would fit well with your company’s image but – worse case scenario – being blinded by the “look” could mean they have nothing to contribute in terms of the required skills for the job!


The Bottom Line:

The cost of hiring someone bad is greater than missing out on someone good. Hire based on character, skill and commitment. If you hire someone who misses out on these three things, then you might have made one of the five biggest hiring mistakes enumerated in this article.

To improve your chances of hiring the best candidate, you have to know what you want, invest time and refine your goals and requirements. Forget about solely relying on your “gut” feeling and stop searching for perfection. As per Steve Jobs, you need to have a collaborative hiring process.

Avoid these five biggest hiring mistakes. Make smarter plans for your next hiring attempt. Then you’ll get completely different results from what you have done in the past.



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