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Reaching out to you in the Big Give

Please donate to Glad’s House via the Big Give Christmas Challenge and your donation will be DOUBLED.

Glad’s House is a truly amazing and crucial charity and one that we wholeheatedly believe in here at The I Am Group. This small charity reaches out to homeless children and young people on the streets and dumpsites of Mombasa, Kenya and their work is indispensible in the area.

“If it were not for Glad’s House, I would have died today” Thomas, 16

Children and young people live on the streets of Mombasa because, heart-breakingly, it can be safer than being at home. And yet, on the streets, these kids enter a world where they are persecuted by the very adults whom we’d expect to be protecting them. Being homeless is a crime so these kids are rounded up by the police and put in prison. Trauma is a daily experience for them and they are running from abuse, violence, persecution and discrimination for months, if not years.

Glad’s House creates spaces where these children can gain respite from the daily struggle of life on the streets, interact with safe adults and slowly start to build good relationships. Through Street Work, Street Soccer, Mobile School and Street Education, they create a safe space and the opportunity to build relationships with trusted adults.

We’re delighted that this year Glad’s House has been selected to participate in the Big Give Christmas Challenge 2018 from 12pm on 27th November until 12pm on 4th December. During the Challenge donations to the charity made via Big Give will be DOUBLED.

If you’re thinking about giving money to a worthy charity this Christmas – this is the one. And now is the ideal time to do it. With your help this essential charity can continue to support some of Mombasa’s most vulnerable children and young people.  Just go to this link any time after midday on 27th November to donate.

Glad’s House are committed to ensuring that every homeless child and young person in Mombasa has the support they deserve and can make the first steps towards lasting change but they can’t do that without you!

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