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Small Charity Week Trustee Matching

As part of Small Charity Week, the I Am team are running a charity trustee matching event on Thursday 16 June and listed below you will find some of the charities that will be participating. If you’re interested in finding out more about becoming a charity trustee, there’s a great piece written by Leon Ward on the Guardian Voluntary Sector Network, and you might also like to check out Trustees’ Week and the Charity Commission which have lots of advice, including the legal responsibilities of trustees.


These are some of the charities that are seeking trustees and will be attending the matching event on 16 June. You can find out more about the event here.



Website: www.ablechildafrica.org

Trustee Vacancies – Fundraising (Major Donor & Corporate) | HR

AbleChildAfrica is a UK based charity working with and alongside partner organisations in Africa to achieve equal rights for disabled children and young people.  We are the leading UK charity working exclusively with and for disabled children in Africa.  The children we work with are some of the world’s most vulnerable children. We are looking for trustees with a background in either Major Donor and Corporate fundraising experience and/or charity HR.



Website: www.azuko.org

Trustee Vacancies – Treasurer

AzuKo is an architecture charity, which aims to alleviate poverty through sustainable development. The role of treasurer will involve monitoring the financial administration of the charity and reporting to the board of trustees at regular intervals on its state of financial health, in line with best practice, and in compliance with the governing document and legal requirements.


African Promise

Website: www.africanpromise.org.uk/

Trustee Vacancies – Fundraising |  Finance

African Promise is a small but ambitious charity working to improve the quality and provision of primary education in rural Kenya by ensuring that schools are equipped to deliver an education worth having. African Promise is entering a transition period and is looking to fill two specialist trustee roles to support this growth: a fundraising trustee to help with the recruitment of fundraising staff and to shape our future fundraising strategy, and a finance trustee to help manage the charity’s growing income and funds.



Website: www.childhope.org.uk

Trustee Vacancies – Fundraising | Strong Understanding of International Development

ChildHope works in Africa, Asia and South America, with children and young people who can no longer rely on the adults around them for protection.  They may be living and working on the streets or on dumpsites; commercially sexually exploited; working in extremely hazardous conditions or at risk of early marriage.  Our partnership model means we build on the strengths of local organisations to address the issues faced by the children and young people in our programmes.  We’re looking for new Trustees with a strong understanding of international development and charity fundraising.


CLARITY efbp / The Soap Co.

Website: www.clarity.org.uk

Trustee Vacancies: Treasurer l Retail l Generalists

CLARITY efbp are looking three new board members and Advisory Committee members to shape the growth of our newest brand, ‘The Soap Co.’  We are looking for trustees and advisors with a passion for social enterprise and an entrepreneurial mind-set to strengthen our charity that employs and trains people with disabilities and produces soaps and cleaning products in our large East London factory.


East African Playgrounds

Website: eastafricanplaygrounds.org

Trustee Vacancies – Legal

East African Playgrounds build playgrounds in schools, hospitals, orphanages and refugee camps across East Africa and educate teachers and communities in the importance of play for child development.  We have mainly been focused in Uganda so far but are now beginning to expand into Rwanda and Tanzania. We also provide employment and training for 45 Ugandan staff.We are looking for new trustees, and would be particularly interested in talking to anyone with a law background/knowledge (charity law, employee law etc).  


Escape Charity (The)

Website: www.theescapecharity.org.uk

Trustee Vacancies – Business | Accounting | Fundraising

The Escape Charity helps young people in disadvantaged communities achieve qualifications beyond secondary education so that they can choose the future they want. Our hope is to empower them to shape the future as responsible global citizens. We’re looking to recruit a trustee with Business, Accounting or Fundraising experience. However the essential skill we seek is enthusiasm and passion to extend the impact of our charity on the lives of the young people of London and abroad.


Ganet’s Adventure School

Website: www.ganetsadventureschool.org

Trustee Vacancies – General

Ganet’s Adventure School Fund (GASF) is a UK based charity (UK reg. charity no. 1141352) run 100% by volunteers, dedicated to supporting Ganet’s Adventure School, Malawi. We currently have five trustees and a network of volunteers and supporters.


Glad’s House

Website: www.gladshouse.com

Trustee Vacancies – Fundraising

Glad’s House works with homeless children and young people, together with children and young people in conflict with the law in Mombasa, Kenya. Last year we supported 1,869 children and young people through a wide range of holistic interventions including outreach work, sport, the arts, education, and therapeutic work. We are looking for a trustee who can help us with fundraising.


Home Start Camden

Website: www.homestartcamden.org.uk

Trustee Vacancies – Treasurer | Grant Co-ordinator | Business Relations | Events | Publicity

Use your financial skills to make a real difference to Camden families with young children.

  • Can you help steer this local charity in its support of families with young children?
  • Can you give 3-4 hours monthly, to maintain an overview of the scheme’s affairs, ensure its financial viability and ensure that financial records and procedures are maintained.



Website: www.ingeenium.org.uk

Trustee Vacancies – General

Ingeenium is a small creativity-centred charity based in London. We are looking for a trustee to join our team to help us run our little participatory arts charity. We are looking for people who are innovative, energetic and truly believe in the power of the arts to change communities for the better.  Find out more at https://bit.ly/1trbika.


Lambeth Patient Participation Group Network (LPPGN) 

Website: www.e-voice.org.uk/lambethppgnetwork

Trustee Vacancies – Treasurer / Finance
LPPGN is a new organisation whose aim is to support the development of patient groups in Lambeth’s 47 GP practices. The patient voice is key in helping to shape and deliver primary care services. The Network provides an environment for patient groups to share good practice, experiences and address common issues and concerns together. The organisation is the “jam” in the sandwich between patients and primary care commissioners, representing patients at a local strategic level.


Learning for Life

Website: www.learningforlifeuk.org

Trustee Vacancies – Media, Marketing & Communications | Fundraising | IT | Education & Development

Learning for Life (LfL) works with local partners in South Asia to bring education to areas where there is none, providing children, especially girls, with quality education, and communities with skills and training to build a life and break the cycle of poverty. We need trustees who will feel empathy for our work, and to the people we serve: children, teachers, women, and men, in rural, mountainous and urban South Asia. We need trustees who will network for Learning for Life, bring in contacts, funds and be advocates for the work we do and for the people we represent in South Asia.


Liquid Vibrations

Website: https://www.liquidvibrations.org.uk/

Trustee Vacancies – General

Liquid Vibrations aims to increase the well being of people with special needs and uses artistic and therapeutic intervention to promote their education and health, increased awareness and meaningful involvement with their environment.


Lucy Air Ambulance for Children

Website: www.lucyairambulance.org.uk

Trustee Vacancies – General

Lucy Air Ambulance for Children is a national charity that has been providing dedicated air ambulance transfers for children from hospitals throughout the UK since 2011. Our Charity currently has just 5 Trustees, the skills we have covered are Finance, Fundraising, Air Ambulance and Business mentoring. We would like to increase Trustee numbers to 7/8 and as long as the skill set is outside of what we already have then we would be interested to talk to anyone willing to be actively involved with LUCY.  


Mindful Music

Website: www.mindfulmusic.london

Trustee Vacancies – Treasurer | Strategy | General

Mindful Music is an organisation set up to teach children self-control for greater wellbeing. As Mindful Music are preparing to establish as a charity and partner with more schools, we are looking for a treasurer and two-four additional trustees to oversee the strategic development of the organisation.


Moldova Project (The)

Website: www.themoldovaproject.com

Trustee Vacancies – Fundraising

The Moldova Project supports families living in poverty in Moldova, Europe’s poorest country, to help them to become self-sufficient. We are looking for a Trustee with experience of fundraising, who can submit applications to Trusts and Foundations in order to help us to meet the increasing demand for our services. As we are a small charity with no paid staff in the UK our trustees play an active role in the running of the charity, so we are looking for someone with time to dedicate as well as an interest in international development and/ or Eastern Europe.


Pitt Hopkins UK

Website: www.pitthopkins.org.uk

Trustee Vacancies – PR, Marketing & Communications | General

Pitt Hopkins Syndrome (PTHS) is a rare genetic syndrome caused by mutations in or deletions of the tcf4 gene. We are a newly registered charity (number 1167153) and there are currently 6 trustees. We are looking for someone with experience in public relations, who can raise the profile of this  ultra rare syndrome as well as other potential skills.



Website: www.preciousawards.com

Trustee Vacancies – Business Development / Strategy | Finance/Income Generation

PRECIOUS Awards (@PRECIOUS_Awards) is a social enterprise that celebrates the achievements of women of colour in business, leadership and work. We also host PRECIOUS girls which encourages young achievement. .


Refugee Youth

Website: www.refugeeyouth.org

Trustee Vacancies – Fundraising | Finance | Legal

RefugeeYouth combats isolation and despair among young refugees, giving them opportunities to meet, make new friendships, express themselves through the arts and media, and voice their opinions about the policies and decisions that are made about them.  We are looking for new Trustees who have strengths in fundraising, finance and the law.  We would particularly like to meet potential trustees from refugee and migrant backgrounds.


Rett UK

Website: www.rettuk.org

Trustee Vacancies – Treasurer

Rett UK are the only charity who provides professional support to people living with Rett Syndrome across the UK.  We support families through a national helpline, including telephone and email support, co-ordinate Rett specialist clinics in conjunction with the NHS, organise support groups and have a dedicated parental contact network.  We have a small staff team working on a national level. We receive NO government or lottery funding and rely entirely on donations and grants to fund our work.



Website: www.aspergers.org.uk

Trustee Vacancies – Communications | Web | Business Planning

SAFE – Supporting Asperger Families in Essex would very much benefit from having a trustee with Communications/Web expertise as well as someone with Business Planning.

SAFE is a voluntary support group for families/carers/adults with Asperger Syndrome – a condition on the autistic spectrum. We are a membership organisation and run monthly support meetings plus a range of projects that help improve social interaction skills.


South London Community Music

Website: www.slcm.org.uk

Trustee Vacancies – Treasurer | Business | Fundraising

South London Community Music are a community music organisation which puts on frequent performances, encourages community involvement and youth education and raises money through our music for other good causes. We find that our most successful trustees are those who have an interest in music and join one of the ensembles as a member also, so singing or playing an instrument is very useful. The treasurer role involves consolidating quarterly and annual accounts from three ensembles (jazz band, concert band and choir), liaising with Independent accountants to produce published accounts and dealing with matters such as Gift Aid claims, insurance and Charity Commission returns. This person would need to have accounting experience. We also welcome additional trustees with other business or fundraising experience who could add to the Board’s skillset.


Their Future Today

Website www.theirfuturetoday.com

Trustee vacancies – International Development/Business and Strategic Planning/Education/Finance and Fundraising

Their Future Today is an ambitious small charity thinking big. We improve conditions and raise standards of care for forgotten abandoned and orphaned children in State run government institutions in Sri Lanka. Where possible we reunite, house and support families to self sufficiency. While we work towards alternative family care through Deinstitutionalisation  (DI) we provide education in the community and teach vocational skills to institutionalised and impoverished children. We  are looking for enthusiastic passionate advisors and Trustees who are knowledgable in areas of International Development, Business/Strategic planning, Education, Finance and Fundraising to help strengthen and take us forward.


Vana Trust

Website: www.vanatrust.org.uk

Trustee Vacancies – Finance | PR, Marketing & Communications

Vana Trust is seeking dedicated and confident trustees to join our team. If you have an interest in charitable work and share our passion for African Affairs, empowerment through education, organic farming and special needs education, then we need your skills. Most particularly if you have finance, pr and/or marketing and communications background.


World Changing Centre

Website: www.worldchangingcentre.org

Trustee Vacancies – Fundraising | Marketing | Accounting

World Changing Centre (WCC) promotes child education in Sierra Leone.  We are currently looking for three trustees with skills in fundraising, marketing and accounting to join our team. We are now working both in the UK and Africa.



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