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What would it mean to you to Live Your Purpose? by Hollie Carr

Have you ever had that feeling that there must be more to life? Have you ever felt lost, confused, stuck? Bombarded with so much information, so many options and possibilities, that you feel overwhelmed and unsure where to start or what to do next?

if you don’t build your dream someone will hire you to help build theirs.” Tony A. Gaskins Jr. 

So many people never take the time to invest in themselves and pursue their purpose. They just survive day to day, with different challenges but the same monotony, never really driving towards what they actually want and the life they could be leading – a life they love.

It can feel like a big challenge to figure it all out, it can be lonely and isolating and it’s not something we are encouraged to talk about or think about on a regular basis.  Of the estimated 60-80,000 thoughts we have a day, I wonder how many are about what we really want and how we achieve the life of our dreams?

Pursuing your purpose is one of the most valuable things you can ever do. 

 When we are living on purpose, we feel confident about who we are, what we want and why. We gain the clarity that comes from living in alignment with our core sense of self and achieving our dream life.  Decisions are easier, as we can prioritise the things that move us closer to our goals and aspirations.

When we live with purpose, we feel happier, more fulfilled and healthier, actively pursuing what’s most meaningful to us.

Is it selfish to put yourself first? 

Living your Purpose is all about making a difference in service to others, it is being the very best we can be and making the most of our lives.  By leading your best life, you empower others to do the same, you give your gift to the people you love most.  By investing in yourself, you become a leading light to those who surround you, people who are inspired by you and the valuable contribution you are making in the world.

Like our fingerprints, we are all completely unique. No one else in the whole world has your combination of talents, skills and expertise. No one has experienced all the things you have, the challenges that stretched and made you who you are today. By sharing your unique qualities with the world, your life’s story, you can help others who are going through something similar. You can make all the difference to someone’s life everyday – just by being you!

My story:

I was an award winning business innovator, on a multi-million dollar leadership programme, recognised nationally due to some of my filed invention patents and awards. I was very proud of what I had achieved in my career and had worked incredibly hard to get there.  However, I couldn’t answer the simple question: WHY? Why did I push myself so hard? What difference was I making? What value was I contributing to the world?  What was my purpose?

And so the journey began…

I started researching various perspectives, insights and ancient wisdom from all over the world, reading and learning everything I could on purpose, fulfilment and wellbeing.

I took a career sabbatical and went back to China, as I had lived and worked there as an English teacher after university. I travelled independently from Beijing down to Hong Kong visiting friends and writing.  During my alone times, it was as if I had been stripped of everything I knew and everything that defined me.  No one knew me in terms of my career roles, responsibilities and hard earned recognitions.  Whilst I had enough language to get by, I couldn’t hold an intelligent conversation, read or write in Chinese – I was someone with a passion for communications – who couldn’t communicate!

I’ve found that some of the most worthwhile experiences in life are often the most challenging, when we are really pushed outside of our comfort zones.  As I travelled across Asia, I volunteered with orphanages, refugees and taught English to small marginalised and displaced communities.  In my TEDx talk: What Makes You Happy? I share more about what I learnt from that experience, including how mindset, gratitude and generosity are key to our happiness.

From my own pursuit of purpose, I discovered that what I really wanted to do was to help connect people and ideas, to empower personal transformation and make a difference to the lives of others.  

I stepped away from my corporate career to set up an innovative charity foundation to make generosity more effective and fulfilling.  We built a community of amazing people who together helped hundreds of causes, with thousands of hours of vital pro-bono expertise and millions of pounds of donations, where it was most needed.

I believe that the greatest value comes from being of service to others, in fulfilling our purpose, and authentically living the life of our dreams.

I realised that no matter how much money, success or opportunities we may have had, without a sense of greater purpose we can never truly be happy or feel fulfilled.  Also, I realised that I was not alone, and that everyone I spoke to on a deeper level faced similar uncertainty at some point, that pursuing our purpose was one of the most valuable things we could ever do in life.

Who are you beyond the roles you play?

When I became a Mum, I went through another complete life-changing transformation. I had to work on rediscovering my new sense of self and identity, beyond the professional person I had dedicated my adult life to.  Again, I went back to the pursuit of purpose and what was most meaningful to me.

There’s a huge void we sometimes face when we realise there’s more to life than the job we’re doing, but we don’t know how to find our purpose, how to connect with our passion and how to lead our best life.

I struggled to find a clear path from confusion to clarity.  So I decided to create the type of content that I wish I had found, to simplify and share the very best transformational techniques and tools I’d come across in the years of research and millions of dollars worth of learning.

I embraced my life-long love of writing and published my first bookAn Invitation …To the Life of Your Dreams, an inspirational fiction revealing ancient Eastern wisdom, in a romantic story of life, love and adventure.  The reviews so far have been incredible and very humbling, as people seem to really connect and find life-enhancing value in this light easy read designed for busy people.

I created 5 step transformational programme for people to be able to do at their own time, place and pace, whenever and wherever is convenient – even if that’s on the commute or from bed in your PJs.

Live Your Purpose  is a step by step process, working through our values, life balance and how to programme our minds for success.  We look to our past to rediscover what we were born to do, replace any limiting beliefs and unveil lessons we can learn from our timeline of life.  We then focus on the present, exploring our talents, skills and the contribution we can make to others.  Looking forward to the future and our ideal lives, we bring our dreams to life, before completing a personal purpose statement and declaration of intent, with a plan of action for achieving it.

If anyone is interested in learning more, you can sign up on my website www.hpcarr.com for valuable free resources, such as 8 Steps to Living the Life of Your Dreams, a free extract of my book and a limited time special bonus 75% discount code for the course.

I look forward to connecting with like-minded people who want to share the journey to lead a life you love.

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